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INS MAKINA is one of exporters who manufacture stationary and mobile concrete batching plants. Their products give satisfaction and benefit to our customers. Their products are hardwearing, durable, and high performance as against equivalents due to their detailed projects and applications on production process. For customers’ own good, they apply bolted system which is advantageous for transportation and installation. INS Makina brings new products to the sector with its quality specifications, spare part and maintenance advantages, presenting the client different and special concrete plants.

INS makina imalat ltd.sti. is a family company manufacturing construction and industrial machinery. It was founded in ANKARA/Ostim Industrial zone and is synonymous with the trademark INS Makina. All their products are manufactured and assembled within the framework of the experience and the knowledge of the company and its partners who have over ten years of experience in the sector and do not compromise on quality, workmanship and materials during production.

The Production phases at INS Makina are in four parts; manufacturing, machining, painting and automation system. Welded manufacturing, machining and painting are completed by experts in their subjects. Automation system is provided by SIEMENS automation system that has proven expertise in this area.

INS Makina always attaches importance to innovation with the construction machine models that it produces. The company adopts communication, manufacturing, quality, image, workmanship, price, after-sales support and customer satisfaction as key principles and it is one of the companies that follow the technological developments, continuously improving its works and giving direction to the sector.

The company prides itself in efficient concrete batching plants that are widely used in Africa and Asia. They produce concrete plants with different and advantageous specifications which are qualified and works longer without problems. They are also the only company in the world that uses steel cast mixing arms in singleshaft mixers. Their twin shaft mixer reducers are adjustable and easy to open with hydraulic pistons on both sides. All their mixers have automatic washing system.

The company has a presence in Nigeria and Egypt and is looking for more African companies for long term collaborations.


Tuğrul Cavanşiroğlu

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Phone: +90 530 244 08 66