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INTARCON engineer and manufacture a wide range of self-contained compact and split units for commercial and industrial refrigeration. They focus and provide to their customers innovative solutions for a more efficient and environmentally friendly operation of their refrigeration facilities.

All the Intarcon units are tropicalized for high ambient temperature up to 45-50ºC, and can operate with R404-A refrigerant and soon with R134-a. Intarcon has a wide experience all over the world, with many different types of installation in different applications as logistic, conservation of special materials, electronic freezing, big food storages, hospitals, markets, hotels, observatories, museums, cash and carry, etc.

INTARCON has a wide range of refrigeration products for high, medium and low temperature which are divided into intarblock compact units; intarsplit split units; Sigilus low-noise for outdoors units; special applications (high temperature split units, quasi-static split units, humidity control split unit, and wine cellar unit); superblock compact units for large cold room wall frame; intarPACK split units for large cold rooms with centrifugal or axial fans; evaporating units in the most usual configurations; intarPACK refrigeration plants for indoors or outdoors from 4 to 60 HP and; intarPACK axial water chiller in a low-noise self-contained construction for outdoors installation under extreme ambient conditions, as an option can include a complete hydraulic circuit inbuilt in the unit.

IntarPACK chillers are specifically designed for the production of glycol water at positive and negative temperature, using hermetic reciprocating or scroll compressors, from 8 to 60 HP.

Their engineering and manufacturing facilities, based in the South of Spain, take advantage of the synergies from a long-established technological cluster of equipment manufacturing industries operating in the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors.

INTARCON delivers their units all over the world including Africa.