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IntegraXor is the product of Ecava Sdn Bhd a Malaysian Private Limited corporation with MSC-status. Apart from receiving incentives and benefits due to the preferential status given by the Government, they are also a recipient of the MSC R&D Grant Scheme which helps to boost our R&D efforts.

Ecava is comprised of programmers and engineers with extensive experience in software R&D and automation controls. In addition to a wide expertise in automation products, they have specialists in the fields of oil & gas metering, automotive tracking, financial services, networking, database management and custom programming.

The company’s products will facilitate and optimize plant operations by implementing state-of-the-art manufacturing execution systems.

According to IntegraXor’s marketing manager KP Lee their products are available in Africa since their Ecava IntegraXor or IGX has been used in South Africa for Gold mining machines.




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