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International Green Structure to construct IGStructures in Guatemala Empowering Business Latin America (EBLA) and International Green Structures (IGS) completed two IGStructures in Guatemala. The two companies agreed upon a pilot project in July 2015, with the following objectives: approval of the technology, market adoption and provide training to local construction teams in Guatemala.

On 5 October just 3 months after signing a contract with IGS, EBLA commissioned two IGStructures and revealed the implemented pilot projects on World Habitat Day. The structures, were assembled and finished in two different locations; one in Guatemala City at Paseo Cayalá and the other in the mountain town of El Bongo, Izabal. The IGStructures were used to train the local construction teams groups from; The National Coordinating Agency for Disaster Reduction (CONRED), Techo (a local youth based NGO) and a private developer. The 37 square meter, 2 bedroom, 1 bath with kitchen and living room placed at the plaza at Cayala will be used to help gain market adoption and approval of the technology, while the structure located in El Bongo was donated by EBLA and will serve as a “Community Health Center” for the town.

The official event commemorated World Habitat Day and had a great turn out of support during the commissioning including US Ambassador Todd Robinson, former NFL player Jack Brewer of the Brewer Foundation and representatives from IGS, EBLA, Grey Work and Grupo Cayala. They also produced video documentaries of each IGStructure build which can be viewed at:

CEO and President of Empowering Business Latin America (EBLA) Mildred Espinoza says “The implementation and execution of the pilot projects produces very positive results including the skills transfer training. We are looking forward to the next phase of the Guatemala Project which is to build 100 houses, this will provide additional training and opportunities with the IGS sustainable, affordable housing solution.” Empowering Business Latin America (EBLA) is focused on increasing the livelihood of Guatemalans through emerging business opportunities and to help increase the country’s economic development with jobs and capacity building, while reducing the housing deficit in the country.

“Entering the Central America market with a partner like EBLA allows IGS to further position itself as the global leader of sustainable housing solutions. We are thrilled with the team’s efforts with the builds in Guatemala and we too are looking forward to the second phase of the Guatemala project.” Stated Richard China, President and CEO of IGS.

The construction of  IGStructures in Guatemala is aimed at ensuring that the low income families get affordable houses.