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International Road Dynamics Inc. (IRD) is a world leader in highway traffic management, operating internationally in the ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) industry. With 35 years of experience, IRD is a multi-discipline company specializing in advanced traffic control, weight enforcement, bridge protection, access security and toll management technologies.

For 35 years, IRD’s weigh station bypass technologies have been an important factor in improving transportation efficiency while maintaining truck safety. By keeping vehicles moving smoothly, efficiently and safely, IRD’s Intelligent Transportation Systems have resulted in significant pollution reduction and fuel savings on a global basis.

IRD’s Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) technology is effective in preventing damage to roads and bridges. IRD’s Virtual Weigh Stations (VWS) can be used for monitoring and enforcement of overweight vehicles even in urban areas where traditional weigh stations are impractical. IRD’s WIM systems are also integrated with toll systems so that toll rates based on weight or classification can be easily administered to recoup costs from damage by heavy vehicles.

IRD provides economical solutions for traffic data collection. IRD’s TRS traffic classifiers and iSINC® electronics are used for traffic studies, including real-time traffic monitoring applications. IRD carries a full line of in-road sensors for data collection, as well as offering non-intrusive solutions.

IRD is also known for security screening systems that enable safe, efficient processing of vehicles at borders, checkpoints and secure buildings such as embassies and hotels. These systems use various technologies, including Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems (UVSS) and transponder systems to screen and/or identify vehicles.

IRD’s corporate headquarters in Saskatoon, Canada provides service and support globally. IRD also has corporate subsidiaries in the U.S., Chile, India, and China. In addition, IRD is represented in other parts of the world through a network of factory-trained distributors, including several in Africa.In South Africa IRD supplies its Bending Plate® scale sensors for Weigh-In-Motion data collection and enforcement. IRD has also supplied a sorter station employing WIM in Botswana. In Kenya, IRD has supplied its portable WIM scales for overload monitoring and enforcement. In Senegal and Libya IRD has provided data collection systems for vehicle count and classification. In Libya and Nigeria IRD has supplied its UVSS security systems.

IRD systems are installed around the globe, with major installations throughout North and South America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

iSINC® and Bending Plate® are trademarks of International Road Dynamics Inc.


Rish Malhotra

International Business Manager

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