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Irinox Based in Italy works closely with the most important laboratories and the most prestigious universities in developing their blast chillers and shock freezers.

Innovations they constantly introduced are combined with tangible technological value and are certified by the most authoritative research centres. Their teams of expert engineers and skilled chefs work in close contact with customers, enabling them to improve the functions and performance of their blast chillers and shock freezers.

All Irinox equipment complies with strict construction standards and undergoes accurate tests.

MultiFresh®, the blast chiller that combines chilling functions and warming functions (low temperature cooking, regeneration, pasteurization, proofing, holding) in a single appliance, is now even easier to use, thanks to MyA. MyA, a new touch screen interface with 7” screen, has made MultiFresh® even more intuitive, with clear icons for choosing the most suitable functions and cycles for production. The parameters – time, ventilation, core temperature – can be altered at any moment to create the ideal process for each product.

The operating principle of a blast chiller consists of extracting heat from food in the quickest way possible. The incomparable performance exclusive to MultiFresh® is the result of perfectly balanced main refrigerator components. With MultiFresh® you can organize your kitchen as you wish and run flexible production processes 24/7.

Mr. Luca Gennai, the Commercial Director says that their equipments are necessary to create a safe efficient food production. In order to have a standard quality and optimise the resources Irinox is the right partner to receive a customized and professional guidance. He concludes and says that they distribute in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria and Angola.