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Isotrol is an internationally recognized engineering firm that develops products, projects, solutions and software for systems for supervision and control. They also offer specialized outsourcing services. The firm maintains a clear commercial focus on excellence based on flexibility, innovation, continuous improvement and efficient client relations.

Isotrol has a deep understanding of the different sectors in which it operates; renewables, electricity distribution, electricity markets, energy savings and efficiency, education, health and social services, public administration, aeronautics and water. This has enabled it to become a global company, with projects in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Italy, Bulgaria, India, turkey and Tunisia. They are also looking for distributors in Africa as they seek to expand their operations.

They provide specialized solutions in each stage of electricity cycle: generation, distribution and consumption, with the sole purpose of supporting their clients reach their objectives and increase their productivity.

Their star solution is CER (Renewable Energy Centre), a SCADA system that centralizes and operates all renewable energy plants of the client in real time in order to optimize the resources and reduce operation costs. They currently manage 13 control centres, over 150 scadas installed and more than 8000 MW of renewable energy in over 12 countries. Isotrol guarantees its customers full availability of data through CERCOER, a support centre for renewable-energy power plants that ensures the operation of departmental infrastructure in the face of potential disasters. CERCOER offers continuous 24-7 surveillance and monitoring to ensure quick response to possible incidents.

Advantages of their SCADA system include: Isotrol guarantees complete system installation, management of all renewable assets (wind, photovoltaic, biomass etc), adaptable to local legislative requirements, independent from manufacturers and technologies.

Isotrol Group also offers an integrated service in Management, Audit and Technical Consultancy in an objective and independent manner. Quality, knowledge and professionalism are the values that identify their activities, from project planning to finalization.

Mercedes Cobos
Operational Marketing
[email protected]