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Jaypee India Limited is an end-to-end solution provider for all construction and engineering requirements of the present day. Presently  Jaypee has introduced its technologically superior new range of passenger cum material hoists, as an upgrade in the field of man and material handling solutions for the infrastructure industry. Jaypee passenger cum material hoist is offered in 1 and 2 to capacity with single and dual cage option with a lifting speed of 96m per minute and attainable height of up to 450 m.

Jaypee passenger cum material hoist can be used at various types of construction sites, including power projects, metallurgical, mining, oil, chemical industries, and steel plants. Jaypee provides hassle-free on time after-sales services and has a countrywide dedicated team to offer services round the clock. Jaypee service team members are highly trained with specific technological know-how.

Technological superiority of Jaypee passenger cum material hoist equipment 

Our innovative passenger hoists are equipped with advanced speed control device and microcomputer programmable logic controller. Step-less speed control helps eliminate the concussion during start-up and braking, steadies the operation and ensures automated leveling. The low-speed positioning feature of the hoist also eliminates chances of slipping during stopping while going downward.

Above all, it has an open loop VP control – the speed precision can reach +_ 2~3 %. The VF system has current restriction function, suring lower current in motor start-up and reduces the concussion to the power supply. This reduces the energy consumption is a site. Also provided is an anti-stalling protection feature.

Pluses of the advanced construction hoist
  • Passenger cum material hoist is offered in single and twin cage configuration
  • Innovative design and exceptional comfort
  • Electric cabinet of stainless steel inside the cage
  • Extensive functionalities and optional equipment with a provision for double entrance facility at the base level
  • Manufactured in the durable material using high-quality steel for increased and weight reduction

Jaypee India Limited has become a preferred and reputed single point solution provider in the infrastructure industry. And thus we emerge as an infrastructure backbone for the Indian economy.