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JCB Power Products provide robust and reliable power solutions to support the construction industry across Africa where sites can often be situated in remote locations and access to mains power is not always possible.

JCB diesel generators are designed to meet the needs of a very demanding worldwide market. Delivering high levels of performance from 8 to 3300kVA; for both prime and standby power applications, you can be sure that JCB has a generator for any power requirement.

Offered in 50Hz and 60Hz options and varying voltages, JCB generators can provide power and for anything in the construction industry, from security huts, crushing machines to tower cranes. The JCB range gives any construction customer a lot of options to meet any power requirement.

JCB’s new generator range is the highly robust, heavy duty diesel QS generators, specifically developed for diverse and demanding environments and now covering 20 – 220kVA.  JCB is now able to cover over 60% of the market with JCB engines – including the JCB Diesel by Kohler, 4 Cylinder Dieselmax and the 6 Cylinder Dieselmax.

JCB Power Products has also developed the world’s first Inteli-Hybrid generator to meet a range of off-grid power requirements from construction sites, telecoms, agriculture, mining and event hire. Generators are specified to meet the peak load requirement of an application, yet off-grid sites often face significant changes in load requirement throughout the day, leading to inefficient running of the generator and excessive fuel use.  By installing the InteliHybrid generator, sites can start to benefit from significant savings instantly. The Inteli-Hybrid uses a series of batteries fitted into a diesel generator. During periods of higher load, the engine runs at its most efficient output and during periods of low load, the engine can be stopped and the batteries continue to supply the power, increasing efficiency much like an automotive Stop/Start system, reducing fuel consumption and cutting emissions.

Lighting Towers

JCB Power Products also offer a range of lighting towers to provide flexibility to sites requiring varying lighting solutions, from a site requiring lighting for 24/7 operation to lighting a temporary site.

Dealer Network

JCB Power Products distribute generators and lighting towers worldwide with sales and support handled through its global network of dealers, many of which are also dealers for JCB’s construction products. With over 30 dealers distributing generators and lighting towers, you can be sure of the best customer support. Whether it’s providing customers with support, parts or finance, JCB can help to support 24/ 7 operation on any site.

According to JCB Power Products Marketing Manager Romy Tilbury  they distribute right across Africa and JCB Power Products dealers distribute a range of generators from 8-3300kVA including the NEW QS range and Lighting towers too ( range now includes 5 models).


JCB Power Products