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JOMAC is the technological leader in the construction and manufacturing of aluminum truck bodies and cranes. For nearly 30 years, JOMAC has been manufacturing Telescopic and Knuckle Boom/Articulating cranes to meet the specific needs of customers around the world.

JOMAC began by manufacturing cranes to mount on their aluminum service bodies. Today, its cranes perform in the most demanding environments, including: construction sites, military operations, warehousing and shipping, as well as on barges, and trailers.

JOMAC Telescopic Cranes (up to 70,000 foot pounds) have a true, continuous 360° rotation with no mechanical stops. This is unlike any telescopic crane in the industry. If one requires a Knuckle Boom Crane for a very specific use, it can build a custom crane for fast loading work. JOMAC’s Knuckle Boom/Articulating Cranes range in lifting capacity from 18,000-foot pounds to 80,000-foot pounds.

The company began manufacturing cranes after searching for a product that matched the quality of a JOMAC service body and finding none. JOMAC promises that their cranes are the toughest and most reliable found in the industry. Their cranes are guaranteed under a 10-year return to factory structure warranty and are supported by inside technical support. A wide variety of options are available for JOMAC Telescopic and Knuckle Boom / Articulating Cranes. This includes hydraulic, manual or auxiliary Outriggers and many attachments.

Carlee Leslie has this to say to their customers “Toughness and dependability are major factors when making your buying decision, but do not make the mistake of overlooking operator safety.”

Safety is a top design priority at the company. Every company’s crane is equipped with an overload protection system that prevents the operation of boom extend (or raise) in the event of overload. Wired and wireless remote controls are offered as inexpensive options with every of their crane.


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