Jungle Energy Power to restore power to the Nimba grid in Liberia

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Jungle Energy Power, the private company that took over the Nimba grid of the Liberia Electricity Corporation, has brought in additional electrical equipment for the reinstallation of electricity in the region by next month.

A spokesperson for the company, Alex G. Vankan, told this media that the companies resolute to bring in the equipment to reinstate electricity to their clients while the key shipment of electrical equipment is anticipated to get there from India later on

Incorporated in the shipment are transformers, service wires, bar metal cable lugs, insulators and aerial fuses. Others are channel irons, angle irons, polymeric pin insulators, among others.

The equipment got there through Ivory Coast from Ghana as an emergency shipment to hastily fix every line that has been down for months.

On December 1, 2016, the LEC’s Nimba County Grid under the West Africa Power Pool was handed over to a private company to run for a phase of 10 years.

The  private company, Jungle Energy Power (JE – Power), is a union  of the Jungle Water Group of Companies, an energy venture (started by Mr. Tomah Floyld, Daily Observer’s Man of the Year 2016), and a Ghanaian company.

In the accord arrived at with the Government of Liberia, JE-Power will be accountable for the Nimba Grid of the West Africa Power Pool, supplying  electricity to all the communities from Ivory Coast, near Loguatuo, to Saclepea.

Still, since the agreement was arrived at, electricity is yet to get to every community owing to the scarcity of poles, wires, transformers, among others.

People have been grumbling about the lack of electricity in some quarters and the holdups in realizing a larger part of Ganta and other communities in Nimba.

In the meantime, JE-Power is restoring the previous LEC office in Ganta while at the same time connecting communities that were not finished during the initial phase of connections.

“We are doing all that is possible to guarantee that there is electricity in each quarter of Ganta. But the foremost priority is to reinstate electricity to clients whose lines have been down,” said Daniel Agbomsoh, Chief Electrical Engineer, JE-Power.