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Kebony is the global clean tech company behind the Kebony product through an environmentally friendly process of wood species such as maple, pine and radiata are given the same aesthetical and physical properties as rain forest timber.

Kebony is an award-winning sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood. The product is formed by a revolutionary environmentally friendly process wherein sustainably-sourced wood species are impregnated with a liquid mixture based on furfuryl alcohol, produced from agricultural crop waste.

With the addition of heat the furfuryl polymer is permanently grafted into the wood cell wall resulting in greatly improved durability and dimensional stability making it strong and resistant to biological decay and harsh weather conditions without the need for expensive and environmentally-damaging chemical treatments.

This ‘new wood’ has a variety of applications including decking, flooring, cladding, roofing, windows, indoor & outdoor furniture and other construction materials. Fully compliant with EU Timber Legislation, Kebony has set its sights on redefining standards in the treated-timber industry and championing new possibilities for wood as a sustainable construction material.

Kebony is determined to reduce the deforestation of hardwoods on a global scale, by diverting the demand for them with its innovative, sustainable product.

Sabine Domayer, Marketing Manager at Kebony says that their product is particularly resilient to weather and wear, meaning that it is durable even in extreme weather conditions like the intensely hot and dry sunlight of some East African climates or the more humid environments of countries like Liberia, Guinea and the Ivory Coast. Consequently it has a long life span and retains its attractive appearance and strong supportive properties for longer than the majority of other hardwoods. In this sense, the utilisation of Kebony in Africa would benefit both the environment and the economy of the continent, and reduce the demand for deforestation of African hardwoods. They do also have tests for some kind of termites that shows very good resistance towards termites.

Charlie Smith
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