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Kentsel Mchinery Co. is one of the leading manufacturers of light construction machines. Each item in its production scope is manufactured under restricted brand name of VIBROTECH and also in compliance with ISO 9001-2000 Quality system certification. Kentsel pursues the latest high-Tec facilities and engineering innovations in order to serve best its customers and partners.

Kentsel embraces professionalism and client-oriented principles with zero tolerance to shortcuts; it has a significant current domestic market share and expands international clients range. This has seen a rising graphic of distributors/agents figure and export volume.

They are a preferred manufacturer and brand name in Turkey and in international markets due to their capability to serve their clients with handy devices and practical-functional solutions, fast mechanical service concept and having quality perception.

They manufacture concrete equipments like concrete Vibrators, concrete mixers, power trowels, converters which are high frequency concrete vibrators.

Kentsel’s Foreign Relations Coordinator, Cumhur Koseoglu observes that the African construction sector is booming with activities and the need for low cost and quality construction machines will strongly emerge. The company has a presence in Sudan, Algeria, Morocco, Libya and Tunisia and is focused on expanding in the African market. They are currently looking for distributors from Africa.


Cumhur T. Koseoglu

Foreign Relations Coordinator

Tel: +90 312 395 46 59

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Skype:  kentselmachinery