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kenya-jabbal-limitedA Company Founded on Integrity

Jabbal Limited was founded by Sutinder Singh Jabbal, a third generation Kenyan of Asian descent in 1987, as Jabbal and Associates.

Prior to venturing on his own, Mr Jabbal was employed and trained by Armstrong and Duncan, one of the oldest Quantity Surveying firms in Kenya. He worked for the firm for 13 years (from 1977 to 1990).

Although he held the position of Associate, Mr Jabbal opted to explore new horizons at the beginning of 1990.

Jabbal Limited Today
The current directors of Jabbal Limited are SS Jabbal and RK Jabbal.

The former is a member of the The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (UK), The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK & Kenya), The Architectural Association of Kenya and The Board of Registration of Architects and Quantity Surveyors (Kenya). RK Jabbal is the Financial Consultant and Administrator.

Professional educational training was gained at the college of Estate Management, University of Reading (UK).

Presently the firm has four quantity surveyors, two technical and two administrative support staff.

Services and Company Ethos
The firm provides full Quantity Surveying services, Project Management and Co-ordination, as well as Dispute Resolution services.

The cornerstone of Jabbal Limited is Integrity. The company is committed to excellence in service delivery to the construction fraternity in Kenya through professional etiquette, conduct and approach. This service has been consistent throughout Jabbal Limited’s existence. Projects undertaken have been successfully completed and delivered.

Jabbal Limited’s competitive edge is based on the company’s policies of Total Trust Responsibility, Accountability, Openness and Fairness.

Some Key Projects
Jabbal has been involved in more than 130 projects of diverse nature, type and value having gained vast experience in construction field over the years.

Some of the recent key projects have been:
•    The Safaricom Headquaters Buildings on Waiyaki Way (2 No.) where both Project Management and Quantity Surveying Services were provided for the Caribon Group.
•    Housing  projects for Erdemann Group
•    Hotel projects for Eka Hotels Group
•    Industrial projects for IPS and Jubilee Insurance (AKDN) Group.

According to Jabbal Limited, the company’s most unique project undertaken so far was a conservation and preservation project carried out at Kericho, a historic site of religious significance Gazetted by the Government of Kenya as a National Monument.

A Gurdwara (Temple) was erected enveloping the existing traditional buildings to preserve the old and yet create new facility for 3No. prayer halls and accommodation together with kitchen/dining facilities. An adjoining NSPSI school for the local community was also built.

The project presented opportunities to work with international charity organisations and local support groups and was carried out on voluntary basis as service to the community.

International Experience
Jabbal Ltd has been involved in projects in the UK, India, Uganda, Mozambique, Tanzania and Burundi with various organizations in various capacities as Advisors, Consultants, Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers.

Company’s Take on the Construction Industry
Jabbal Limited acknowledges the vibrancy of the construction industry in recent years, noting that the private sector has been the driving force in sustaining building activity especially in Housing, Office and Commercial development.

The present public spending has also enhanced and generated growth in public infrastructure sector but Jabbal anticipates a downturn in view of the high cost of finance and inflation in the coming months.

According to Jabbal Limited, the main challenges facing the industry in Kenya are:
•    The current high interest rates and cost of borrowing.
•    The negative impact of cartels in price manipulation of various trades and materials.
•    The lack of sufficient and adequate training facilities of skilled technical staff i.e. artisans, carpenters, joiners etc. The level of productivity and quality of work is not at its best and is in fact deteriorating.
•    The regulation, vetting and grading of contractors for various work categories.
•    The control on influx of sub-standard materials and equipment.
•    The professional ethics and values which must be maintained and enhanced.

On Project Management, Jabbal notes that the last decade has seen the advent of the Project Manager on the Kenyan scene, a service necessitated by clients’ preferences, namely:
–    The desire to have one stop engagement with the Design and Building Team
–    Due to intricate financial and technological advances being made in the ever changing building environment, the need for expert advice is essential for the success of any undertaking.

Whereas the service is part and parcel of the building process today, roles and responsibilities are at times unclear and undefined. Both education and understanding are therefore critical for all stakeholders.

Jabbal Ltd is very conscious of environmental preservation and the use of alternative methods for “Greener Buildings”. The company will endeavor to play its role in the construction industry in sustaining professionalism in delivery of services and ensuring “value for money” for both clients and contractors.