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Keeping kitchen fire at bay

Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies is an industry leader in fire protection solutions in the sub Saharan African region. The company’s Product Manager illustrates the efficacy of Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies’ products in protecting kitchens from fire accidents, saving companies billions in potential damage to valuable assets. 

Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies, after being founded, began dealing solely in the fire protection solutions and secured the official sole distributorship of TYCO International safety products in Southern Africa. The TYCO Group needs no introduction in the Fire Protection sector, as the largest fire protection group in the world of providing fire protection needs since 1939. Amongst others, it is renowned for the ANSUL product, which dominates the kitchen sector in the three main purchasing groups.

The chances are that,either you are familiar with the ANSUL brand, but maybe just in the mining sector, or you are not familiar with this product at all, but find yourself in the fire industry.

Why the products are suitable

Normally, the first step when selecting a fire suppression system to protect your assets is to perform a hazard analysis, and identify the equipment to be protected. This is where Ansul Kitchen systems have made it really easy to get surety that all is protected.

It has numerous incentives, not only for the three main purchasing groups – The Kitchen Hood Fabricator and Kitchen Supply House, the A/E Consultants and Fire departments – but also the end user.

1. Free standing and mechanically operated

The Ansul Kitchen Suppression systemis completely free standing and mechanically operated. It can house electrical and gas shut-off valves to shut down appliances, sound alarms and fulfill various other uses.

2. Quick detection and suppression

The heart of Ansul Restaurant fire suppression systems lies in their ability to quickly detect and suppress fires.They are designed in such a way that the complete canopy with the plenum area and ducting are protected. The R102 and Piranha Ansul Kitchen systems use advanced extinguishing agents to ensure rapid flame knockdown and vapour securement. Cooling these high efficiency appliances after initial flame knockdown is critical to eliminate a re-flash and minimising restaurant downtime.

3. Agent with neutral PH

The other aspect that makes the product suitable is that its agent consists of pretty much a neutral PH, not only contributing to the safety and environmental aspect, but also leaving stainless appliances and equipment to be free of corrosion when cleaned and maintained according to the Ansul Kitchen Fire Suppression System manual.

4. Aesthetically appealing

The other fantastic part is that the whole system is made of stainless steel, which, in return, gains the respect of the aesthetic parts of any kitchen.

Product demand trends

Currently, there is no official occupational health and safety legislation in Southern-Africa making it mandatory to have a Kitchen Suppression system in your commercial kitchen. There is, however, an increase in interest in products, as demonstrated by sales have more than doubled over the last 3 years. And we, as a company, cannot be more proud to be seen as part of this rapid growing business in Southern Africa.

Critical procurement information

Mainly, the following information is critical to companies that procure the kitchen systems:

1. Internationally approved

Ansul kitchen systems comply with most of the international approvals and listings –UL300, ULC, MEA, ABS and CE

2. Available systems

There are two types of systems to choose from.First is the R102 which has an Agent only as a Flameknockdown, simultaneously forming a thick blanket to prevent re-flashes. Then is thePiranha System, where the Agent is dispersed first as the main flame retardant and then water will follow, making the Piranha system not only 15 times faster than a normal single agent wet system, but also requires 60% less Agent.

3. Manual and automatic options 

All systems are manual and automatic, unlessotherwise stated by the client. Systems can be designed according to a specific floor layout, however, the most popular is to put an overlapping system in place, that will give coverage anywhere underneath the canopy the system is installed on. All systems have a five year limited warranty.


Without singling anyone out, when advised to invest in kitchen fire suppression systems, organisations are always quick to point that the reason they have insurance is to cover them in the event of a fire accident. But what they overlookis the irretrievable downtime incurred whilst repairs are taking place, wages that still need to be paid, loss of regular clientele and, even worse, loss of life.

That is why it is important to always have supplement firefighting equipment, such as hand-portable equipment available (correct applications for specific fires) at all times.