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Kleemann lifts was founded in 1983 in Kilkis, Greece where it’s one of the major lift companies in the European and global market, providing any type of residential or commercial passenger and freight liſts, escalators, moving walks, accessibility and marine solutions, parking systems and lift components. Its distribution network expands to more than 100 countries.

KLEEMANN stands for innovation in design and technology, for flexibility and breakthrough thinking, for quality products and dedicated services and support. Integrated manufacturing facilities, highly trained workforce, state-of-the-art IT systems and logistics support enable KLEEMANN to deliver reliable, highly personalized solutions, whatever the challenge.

Installation and maintenance companies handle the distribution of our products all over the world. Fine tuned collaboration between our management teams, employees and other involved parties allows us to build and maintain strong, long-term relationships with our customers and provide reliable services across the globe. Their strategic approach and investments have enabled the specialized manufacture and export of products into multiple markets, developing their network, international presence and product range.

The company offers complete traction and hydraulic lift systems, both with and without machine room, from initial design through to development and production. Each lift is being rigorously tested to ensure ease of use and continued reliability.

The company is also proud of its strong global brand name, consistent with our commitment for quality standards, progressive technical and market knowledge and innovative research schemes.


KLEEMANN installed a platform with 3 stops for 6m distance in the Zakynthos Music Theatre. The platform is used to facilitate the move through challenging terrain. Its size is 5.6 x 7.7 meters and its rated load is 6 tn. Zakynthos, this southern most Ionian island in Greece which is also known as the Flower of the East. Zakynthos is famous for its vast cultural activity. The locals carry a long history of love for the Arts, especially for music.

The company has also installed 4 Traction Earthquake Resistant lifts in order to create the safest possible environment in El Kureimat which is a thermal power plant complex in the Egyptian Beni Suef Governorate north of the city on the east bank of the Nile Beni Suef, 95 km south of Cairo. Consisting of three blocks and at an installed capacity of 2800 MW, it is part of the Desertec global renewable plan project. El-Kureimat has attracted much media attention and is used as a model system for the Desertec project.


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