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KOFINAS S.A. was founded in 1977 by the Kofinas brothers who made their maiden steps into the field of prefabricated houses. At the same time, they began their research that has brought constant evolution through decades and formed the idea of new methods of building prefabricated houses.

KOFINAS S.A. innovates consistently, always importing new elements in house construction that are not only recognized by the hundreds of their satisfied customers but are also certified by the largest European state institution, the Technical University of Athens where all buildings from Europe are tested. Their unique building system was tested for its strength, surpassing every natural limit.

Until now the endurance limits of the masonry of KOFINAS S.A. has not been refuted by any other Greek or European company.

Aiming to have a more spherical evolution, the company has focused on the energy efficiency of its constructions.

Their houses are more ecological as they use Swedish and Finnish timber as the main construction material. Replacing the conventional building materials with wood they say, reduces the carbon dioxide emissions in to the atmosphere by 1,1tn per cubic meter.

For their love of the environment, they collaborate with the timber factories such that for every tree that is cut; three to five new trees are planted, thus producing a negative carbon footprint.

The houses that are made by KOFINAS S.A. are designed in a bio-climatic aspect, so that through the openings, the shading systems, the orientation and the mechanical equipment, they will have the desired interior conditions and energy for heating, cooling and lighting will be saved.

KOFINAS S.A. has already received energy efficiency certifications of class A for their houses; this is justified  by the above along with the thermal transmittance factor of  their masonry (which can be as low as 0.11 W/m2K and can attain an energy consumption reduction of about 75-80% compared to conventional masonry).

KOFINAS S.A. currently do not have their products in Africa but are looking for representatives to help them tap this fast growing market.

Michalis Kofinas
[email protected]