Kwikspace Modular in housing supply at ROMPCO site

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The Republic of Mozambique Pipeline Company (ROMPCO) has been supplied with site accommodation and workforce housing from South Africa’s Kwikspace Modular Buildings for the Loop Line 2 Project in Mozambique.

In a recent announcement, ROMPCO said that the South African petrochemical group Sasol and the governments of South Africa and Mozambique had plans to invest millions of US dollars in a pipeline project that will be in operation by 2017. This move is expected to widen Mozambique’s natural gas assets to the South African markets.

South Africa is set to benefit from the second new pipeline as it will be able to receive 212 million gigajoules of gas compared to 188 million gigajoules it originally received.

The line will carry natural gas from the Temane and Pande gas fields, through the Inhambane and Gaza provinces of Mozambique all the way to Secunda in South Africa. This line will be a significant source of energy for South Africa’s industrial, commercial and domestic use.

In addition to its Johannesburg factory, Kwikspace supplied buildings from its Tete and Pemba facilities for the ROMPCO accommodation camp that was completed recently. The mobile structures were used to house a large number of staff and allowed for on-spot occupation once off-loaded on-site. Furniture, fittings and equipment were also installed

The ROMPCO campsite experienced a number of challenges. Located near Funhalouro in Mozambique’s Inhambane province, the site experienced cross border logistics in addition to natural factors with temperatures of 36 degrees and 90% humidity. “Projects on the continent are seldom completed without difficulties. Relevant experience, thorough planning and current knowledge of the business conditions in each country are crucial to managing the risks and completing projects successfully,” comments Kwikspace African business development director Nick Alexander.

South Africa’s premier commercial hub, Gauteng is so much dependent on natural gas from Mozambique from the pre-exisiting pipeline called the Mozambique-Secunda pipeline (MSP). Kwikspace has been at the fore front in supporting a number of contractors with remote site camps and accommodation villages.