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LABOR STRAUSS is a family-owned Austrian company with a history stretching back 90 years.
They are manufacturers of Fire Detection and Extinguishing Control Panels and do offer full systems with a complete family of devices to assure your security.
LST is not only a powerful development team but also has an ambitious product management and a quality-oriented production department which is located directly in the head office in Vienna.
They have strength in:

– Competence: expert knowledge for many years, high technical support
– Reliability: guaranteed quality thanks to in-house production
– Certified quality: their products are EN54 and VdS certified
– Product variety: they offer conventional and addressable series of up to 16 Loops in a single panel
– Protocols: 3 different protocols applicable in one panel, up to 240 detectors on one Loop
– Loop output current 500mA
– Easy maintenance and expansion
– Various loop diagnosis tools
– System configuration: easy set up with Auto Addressing
– Efficient over-voltage protection, lightning protection
– Robust Steel Sheet Housing
– Radio Fire detection system: economic EN54-25 certified system, expandable to up to 3 km distance

According to LABOR STRAUSS’s International sales manager their company is focusing on Africa and they are looking for business partners and distributors across Africa.

Sylvie Flages
International sales manager
[email protected]