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Leak Location Services Inc was formed in 1992.They are the world leader in geoelectric leak location testing performing their services in 28 countries on 6 continents. With over 20 years of commercial geomembrane leak location experience, they have performed more than 2,780 leak location surveys and more than 399 million square feet of survey.

They develop, design and build the specialized equipment required to perform their services. Their highly experienced and trained staff has the in-depth understanding of electrical leak location methods to successfully perform leak location services with the efficiency required to complete the project on time and within the cost proposed.

They perform tests on double and single-lined landfills, ponds, lagoons, leach pads, tanks, vaults, highway subgrade, tennis courts, HDPE pipe, landfill caps, and testing of smooth, textured, and reinforced geomembranes, including HDPE, LLDPE, PVC, XR-5, CSPER, asphalt, and polypropylene. Their equipment, software, and procedures are custom-designed and fabricated to produce unequaled leak detection capabilities. Their personnel qualifications are unmatched in the world.


Leak Location Inc
Soil Survey

In the year 2013, they completed 236 geomembrane leak location surveys, surveying more than 31,241,000 square feet (717 acres) of geomembrane liner.

Their leak location surveys include: Bare liner; Wading; Towed Array and Soil. They also offer a product known as ELIM (Electrical Leak Imaging and Monitoring) which is an electrical grid which is installed under the geomembrane which continuously monitors leak activity in an active cell or impoundment.

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Bare Liner survey

LLSI’s services are not limited to a specific region; they are applicable to any project that involves an impoundment lined with a geomembrane or geomembranes. Industries utilizing their services include Oil and Gas, Solid Waste, Mining, Energy, Wastewater Treatment and the Resort industry.
They have also participated as a featured speaker at the Solid Waste and Recycling Conference (May 2014) with the title: Understanding Leak Location Surveys and NYCRR Part 363.They are also a sponsoring company with Environmental Expert, an international web based resource for environmental service and product industries.

Dale Kemnitz, Client Relations Officer/Project Manager, advises any potential purchaser of their services to provide them with a plan detail of the construction project to be tested to insure the most effective leak location service.


Leak Locations Services Inc.
Dale S. Kemnitz
Client Relations Officer/Project Manager
[email protected]