Leirimetal S.A: Offering Outstanding Turnkey Solutions for the Heavy Clay Industries

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Leirimetal S.A. develops solutions for the structural ceramics industry that is Bricks and Roof tiles, as well as other products that are made of clay. The company’s commitment to their clients leads them to be one of the most recognizable Portuguese companies in Portugal and throughout the world as they always seek the best solutions to their clients that trust in them.

The firm is a key player in the heavy clay industry. They develop and install integrated solutions, from all raw material preparation till complete handling systems and, as well, main process stages (drying and firing). They do it focusing on the specific nature of each project, creating solutions to suit on each one of their customers.

They always seek to find better and more affordable solutions, regarding their client’s needs. At Leirimetal S.A.  The Company has a laboratory where we handle some physical and technological tests, and regarding the chemical, mineralogical and dilatometer they work with the best European laboratories standard. It´s with the knowledge of this variables, here presented, that the raw material process, will define the preparation, drying and cook of the clay – bricks, roof tiles or ventilated facade.

“Leirimetal, is not about the products but the equipment and services that we provide in that market. We have installed turnkey plants – clay bricks in Algeria, Morocco, and Angola. Our intention is to continue this growth and be able to present our solutions to other countries/regions.

Our equipment is projected by a team of skilled engineers, in terms of the mechanical aspect, as well in terms of automation and robots, by electric engineers. At the production, we also have a team of welders that are also highly skilled and problem-solving. Our workers are our best asset at our company. This is our key distinctive feature. We adapt to your situation,” states Ricardo Baptista, Marketing Manager.

They provide turnkey industrial units, and also design and develop integrated solutions, adapting them to each client’s specific situation. The firm plan all services associated with the preparation of raw materials and manufacturing processes for the entire manufacturing line. They develop custom-made dryer and oven solutions. Altogether, they develop Automatic maintenance systems using robotics and computer surveillance.

They are specialized in: Heavy Clay, Turnkey project solutions, Heavy clay industries, Developing and installation of integrated solutions, raw material preparation, Handling systems (drying and firing), Ongoing training, Productivity and competitiveness in their projects, Quality and innovation, Accuracy in engineering/study, Full testing and experimentation of solutions, After sales technical assistance, Turnkey industrial units, Custom made dryer´s, Oven solutions, Automatic maintenance systems, Robotics and computer surveillance, Kiln car setup, Kiln car unloading and cleaning, Palletizing, and Innova fast dryer.

Ricardo Baptista emphasize that relations are made of trust. If a customer trusts you, he will hear your offer/solution you have to him. “My personal advice is that you should not promise things you cannot accomplish,” he adds.