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The Dubai World Islands Project
The Dubai World Islands Project

LightBySolar Global is a manufacturer and supplier of solar energy products. Their services include consulting, product development and sourcing, project management and development management.

They bring market mature solar and renewable energy products including niche solar products to the reach of the supply chain.

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LightBySolar helps companies that require reliable supplies of solar energy products and goods by developing bespoke products to specifications including BIPV, BAPV products, Solar Metering Systems, Solar energy for electricity supply, Solar Lighting, Water Pumps, Water purification and Emergency power Supply, Agricultural Irrigation, Cooling, Heating, and Concentrated Solar Energy farms including Geothermal systems to sustainable energy to grid and off grid locations worldwide.

They supply entrepreneurs, distributors, installations engineers in the private, public and voluntary sector who benefit from their safe and durable certified products with low source to field costing.

As a Social Entrepreneurship, LightBySolar supports the LightingUpAfrica Campaign in principle and work with emerging economies, non OECD countries, ACP member states and Least developed nations via their social initiative. They also undertake due diligence as a responsible business seeking to limit dumping of inferior goods by maintaining rigorous safety standards.

Their key markets include Africa, South America and Afro Asia. They are open to more distributors and microfinance agencies who wish to help them serve the African market better.

Their product range includes small portable products which are durable, safe and easy to install and medium to large scale commercial products.  They carefully select goods which have no carbon footprint whilst in commission with zero carbon emission, excluding transportation and have minimal decommissioning footprint with high EPT returns making their goods an important tool for sustainable development in Africa.

Managing Director at LightBySolar; Miss Lara Kazeem, advises prospective clients to ensure they understand the aspects of importing goods and to apply contingencies which ease the cost of getting their goods to market.

She warns that buyers and importers in the emerging economies especially Africa should be vigilant and must take durability, after-care, health and safety into account when procuring products as many exporting manufacturers will supply inferior and unsafe products on request especially to Africa.


Miss Lara Kazeem

Sales Manager/Managing Director

Light By Solar Global

Skype: Naijamaican


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