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Ligna Group is the Manufacturer and distributor of Timbercrete and Ligna sustainable building materials.

Timbercrete is a multi- award-winning environmentally sensitive masonry building product, from which is made bricks, blocks, panels and pavers.

Timbercrete is proudly an Australian invention and Australian owned with international patents and trademark protection in key markets around the world.

It is used in domestic, industrial and commercial buildings as well as landscaping and a range of other applications.

Timbercrete can be moulded into a vast range of sizes, shapes, colors and textures. It inherits some very unique qualities which make it outstanding among other building products.

These outstanding qualities include:

A genuinely sustainable masonry product, It is the only brick; block, panel or paver that actually stores (traps) carbon gas. Timbercrete is made from over 50% discarded timber waste (containing carbon) which is sequestered in a cementitious tomb. This process offsets carbon gas emissions through human activities, such as driving, using air conditioning, etc. Being a carbon sink it locks up thousands of tones of carbon gases. The more widely Timbercrete is used the greater the amount of carbon gas that is sequestered.

It has a lower embodied energy; because it takes vastly less energy to produce compared to traditional clay fired bricks.

Superior insulation value (R) when compared to traditional clay and concrete bricks, blocks and panels, thereby helping to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Improved engineering diversity, due its lighter semi flexible quality.

Lighter weight (depending upon the mix and application, up to 2.5 times lighter than concrete or clay).

Improved workability, it can be sawed, nailed and screwed just like timber.

Improved fire rating compared to concrete, clay, timber or steel with FRL240/240/240 (at 190mm thick), exceeding the highest possible fire rating in Australia.

Its natural finish is reminiscent to sandstone or travertine so does not require paint or render applications, however if a more monolithic finish is sought the blocks can be painted or rendered.

Has load bearing capacity and is more robust and resilient than clay or concrete products.It is bullet proof when fired at with a vast array of weaponry, even a 50 calibre metal jacket bullet. Othercommonly used building products, such as clay or concrete bricks and aerated concrete shatter even when using lower powered weapons. It is highly durable and resistant to termites and rot.


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