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Liquid Rubber provides a wide range of water bases, VOC and solvent free products for waterproofing, corrosion and chemical protection or where a protective decorative coating is required. These products cure to provide seamless, fully adhered flexible membrane which prevents water ingress and resists damage from water, UV, salt, thermal cycling and harmful chemicals.

All their products are both worker and environmentally safe and are available for commercial, industrial and residential markets.  The products are manufactured in North America and Europe with distribution offices globally.

Liquid Rubber has undertaken case studies in various parts of the world on waterproofing including Johannesburg, South Africa completed in 2010. The project was aimed at finding solutions to the problems that concrete irrigation canals are usually prone to. Such problems include cracking and failures at the joints between the concrete sections, the concrete itself must also be protected from both sun and water which can damage the surface and lead to deterioration of the concrete. Chemicals such as salts and phosphates often dissolved in the water can attack the concrete.

The case study proved that a good quality waterproofing and surface protection barrier can prevent these problems. This is where Liquid Rubber CreteSafe B-250 with its properties comes in. Some of the properties that make it an excellent protective membrane for irrigation canals are:- good adhesion, flexibility to avoid cracking and to bridge cracks in the concrete surface, low water permeance thus protects the surface, not affected by salts or chemicals in the water or soil, seamless liquid applied system that fully adheres to the surface eliminating any areas where water can get under the membrane. It also resists damage from UV sunlight exposure.

The same product, CreteSafe B-250 was also used in a case study in Calgary, Canada in 2011 where contaminated soil with chlorides and sodium presented a challenge for the longevity of the Lafarge custom concrete pipeline. Its efficiency was proved once again.

The company has a presence in South Africa and is currently looking to partner with distributors who understand the African market.


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