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Luber-finer is a leading brand of FRAM Filtration, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of filters and filtration products. It has been a trusted name in filters for many years, providing high-efficiency performance in the most demanding work environments.

Luber-finer started in 1936 in California developing around the racing circuits. In 1979, Luber-finer became part of Champion Laboratories.
Today, Champion Laboratories is one of the world’s largest makers of vehicle parts. This strong and vibrant affiliation provides an ideal platform for introducing Luber-finer and its reliable OEM-grade quality products to a global customer base.

Luber-finer has combined engineering and manufacturing prowess with superior customer service to become one of the world’s most trusted filter brands. The company has earned a reputation for offering quality filtration solutions for all automotive, on-highway trucking, and off-road trucks/vehicles, marine, mining, construction, agricultural and oil & gas industry applications.

Luber-Finer considers Africa as a market for their products and they sell their products to African countries. This include South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Senegal. They work with distributors to deliver their products to their clients.

Luber-finer filters are certified to their relevant industry test standards, with focus towards the elements of filtration perfection; clean air, low pressure, long life and value for money. This makes their products unique and suitable for Africa’s environment.

Chris Stevenson, Sales and Marketing Manager, advises potential buyers that, quality always matters and Luber-finer can guarantee them exceptional product quality. He also commented on emerging trends in the future regarding their products and consumer preference that, the time for high quality products has come and they deliver those products.

Luber-finer – Europe, Russia, Middle East & Africa
Chris Stevenson- Sales & Marketing Manager
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