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The traditional kitchen has now been replaced with modern contemporary kitchens offering value of time and space. The kitchens and bathrooms are now attracting a huge attention with regards to design, planning, colour and theme.

Kitchens are no longer confined to a basic space of mere cooking but it has transformed into a space for families to spend time together. They have the stylish open kitchens which offer an island concept for serving/cooking/brunching and also closed kitchens.

Fitted kitchens have grown largely in demand for the number of accessories they offer in terms of internal inserts, lighting, wire baskets; niche concepts (dado area having provision for foil cutter, cook book holder, knife holder, spice holder etc).

Storage planning in the right way is essential to allow easy access and do regular maintenance.

ALNO offers kitchens which are customized as per the client requirements. ALNO is a premium German modular kitchen brand and are pioneers in modular kitchen for more than 80 years. Today they have a global presence in more than 200 countries.

ALNO AG is incorporated of ALNO, IMPULS, WELLMANN and PINO offering kitchens in various budget segments.

Built in kitchen appliances by leading brands like Gaggenau, Miele are designed for fitted kitchens which enhances the utility and gives a spacious counter area to work.

They have professional designers and a team that assists clients from the design stage to the execution stage in order to ensure the client derives maximum satisfaction from their purchase.

The pricing of an Alno kitchen depends upon the number and type of units a customer takes. The finish also plays a crucial role. Various finishes such as matt, high gloss, lacquer, lacquered glass are available. Handleless kitchens are also becoming very popular where customers want to give a seamless look to their kitchens. These kitchens are available in various finishes, colours, size offering flexibility in planning and choice.

M.A.H.Y Khoory & Co. LLC are dealers for the world’s most renowned German Modular Kitchen Brand- Alno. We have state of art showroom located on Al- Ittihad road which is the largest in the region showcasing all ranges and USP’s of ALNO.


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