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Mafi Company has a sense of responsibility to customers, the region and nature which is born from its passion for wood. The company is the first manufacturer with 100% naturally oiled surfaces, 100% natural materials and 100% free of toxins- formaldehyde. They assist their clients in searching for the most appropriate raw material and dry it peacefully -order by order.

They manufacture natural wood floors exclusively in Austria, completely ecologically, tailor-made for each customer, based on nature with more people than machines, and within 4 days the company calls this “green dot”. They also offer a wide array of floors that clients can be able to choose the ones that they like. They have completed a couple of projects in South and West Africa.

They are currently pursuing distributors from Africa to improvement in their distribution network. In this regard they are interested in wooden floor experts, installers as well as specifiers.
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Christian Hemetsberger, Sales Manager advices potential buyers to check intensively the origin, structure and production of a wooden floor.  One has to think long term by deciding for the right type of floor. A Mafi natural oiled floor is becoming better over the time whereas a lacquered surface is reducing his resistance by the time. In addition an oiled surface can be repaired whereas lacquered surfaces have to be sealed and re-lacquered again – for the total area.

Hemetsberger also commented on the emerging trend concerning the product that, “New designs but with a natural base are becoming more and more popular. Take our carving collection as example. In general we see our wide-planks increasing a lot. But intense dimensions like 5000x300mm need a balanced structure – otherwise you will have gaps between the planks. Therefore Mafi works with a balanced three layer construction where the top as well as the back layer is made out of the same wood with the same treatment. In this case these two layers are blocking each other and the swelling and shrinking is reduced.”  They have participated in exhibitions in Berlin, Germany during the Architect at Work fair.


Mr. Andreas Müller

Sales Manager

[email protected]

+43 7746 2711 39