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Magal security system

Magal security system and cyber seal Company has developed Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) to be used in perimeter and the access points as the last line of defense and last chance to deny intruders into areas such as industries, airports, ports, factories e.t.c

Magal security system says that every technology must be tailored to each site and therefore every solution begins with a comprehensive assessment of the costumer’s needs, existing infrastructure and operational environment.

The first basic option is Fences Only (dumb fence). This may be excellent for very low security sites; however any hostile intruder may choose the best time and cut or climb the fence un-noticed.

For higher security, critical sites need a smart fence that can detect and automatically alert the guards. The range of possible technology is wide: some companies offer simple cameras, others offer smart cameras with VMD or IVA; some companies offer embedded fences like taut wire, other offer microphonic sensors as an add-on to existing fences.

Magal S3 that has developed and can deliver any of these technologies because it offers the broadest portfolio of homegrown durable and robust PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems) products. All products are designed to perform in the most challenging environmental conditions.
Perimeter security is only part of an integrated solution. There are always more layers: access control, gates control, management system.

Magal S3 is your best choice for that part as well. Magal has 45 year experience in delivering tailor-made projects and solutions to hundreds of sites worldwide.

Magal’s solutions for critical sites are managed by Fortis a cutting edge Physical Security Information Management system (PSIM). The solutions leverage the company’s PIDS portfolio, advanced outdoors CCTV / IVA technology and Cyber Security solutions. Magal’s latest projects included securing the Mombasa seaport and the Africa Cup of Nation games in Gabon.

Vered Maizner-Gani
Sales operations & Marketing communication manager
Magal security system and cyber seal Company

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