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MARLEGNO srl is a family-owned company that specializes in the construction of prefabricated wooden structures with a 15 years’ experience. Their wooden frames are for different kinds of constructions: residential, commercial, touristic, industrial, sports etc. The frames of their products are made of laminated timber (glulam), a material suited to all climatic conditions and offers several advantages as compared to other building materials: reduced assembly time, energy saving, sound absorption, fire and seismic protection

Their prefabricated wooden frames are custom-made: every project is worked out by their technical office according to the client’s specifications. They can design and manufacture large-sized and complex frames, optimizing their production and installation at the planning stage to reduce production costs and on-site assembling time. Their frames are made from woods that originate from sustainably managed forests, FSC certified.

They take advantage of their specialized technical office that employs engineers and architects with high competences and experience. Thus they constantly monitor each stage of the design and supply and offer qualified assistance to the client throughout the construction phases, giving attention to every detail.

Their mission is to pre-engineer all the building phases, to prefabricate the construction as much as possible in the direction of a better quality. They aim to satisfy their clients by reducing assembly time while ensuring high quality standards. They ensure their clients satisfied throughout the manufacturing process, from design, prefabrication, assembly and maintenance.

MARLEGNO’s Angelo Marchetti adds that wood is a material with its own characteristics which they have to know before designing it. He says their technical know-how and technology allow them to prevent problems like fire, water and insects.

He says they are approaching the African market and believes that this type of house construction has a great chance in Africa. They are currently looking for partners in Africa who can share in their mission of better quality to manage and overview the building processes on site.

Ing. Angelo Luigi Marchetti
Email: [email protected]
Tel. +039 0354423768 –Fax 0354499432