Marley Building Systems at Africa Construction and Totally Concrete Expo

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Marley Building Systems took to the stage at the ongoing African Construction and Totally Concrete Expo with a full list of local and international names since taking over the Lafarge Gypsum SA business in November last year.

The display of products that underlay the major activities of Marley Building Systems were unveiled at a media breakfast moments before the doors of the expo at Gallagher Convention Centre being opened.

Managing Director of Marley Building Systems in South Africa, Mark Irving, said the company wanted to have its presence at the expo so as to tell a story. A story that is a reflection of the creative, technically-sound and performance-motivated commitment of Marley Building Systems to sustainable dry construction solutions in Africa.

Marley has witnessed a major transformation since its humble beginnings in South Africa way back in 1953 and the roll out of its roofing business in 1971. Originally in the UK, Marley was taken over by Belgian industrial group, Etex, in the nineteen nineties. Marley divested its piping and flooring businesses to align with the four core businesses of Etex: cladding and building boards in fibre cement and plaster, roofing materials, passive fire protection and high performance insulation and ceramic tiles.

Following the takeover of the local Gypsum business, Mark says Marley Building Systems’ product portfolio has grown to a level of critical mass, allowing the company to move forward with a well defined structure and even more a focused approach to business.

The company’s present network is made up of more than 10 distribution points in South Africa and another three in Botswana, Mozambique and Namibia.

While Etex has dropped its strongly placed international brands, the group has carefully to retained the local brand value and identity of the Marley name which is also highly recognized for its contribution towards the growth of South African economy through its six manufacturing operations.