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Masiero Group is a leading company in the top-range decorative lighting market with their headquarters in Casale sul Sile, a few kilometers from Venice. Tradition and innovation merge in their philosophy, creating designs of huge artistic value, exclusively and proudly made in Italy. They have become a reference brand, present in all international markets, displayed in the best showrooms all around the world.

The brand Masiero incorporates three different collections called classica, eclettica and ottocento, with different features and well defined targets on specific markets. All creations come from the experience of craftsmen of light. The creations of the classica collection can be placed in an antique environment, creating a homogeneous style or in a contemporary context, breaking the symmetry.

Classic models with updated themes: glass beads and plated metal frames with silk organza lampshades, precious gold and chrome plating finishes, decorated glass for a warm and welcoming light effect. Geometric pendants and jewels, elegant metal manufacturing, solid brass decorations, Asfour crystal, Bohemian and Swarovski chains, delicate ceramic applications, harmoniously combined to create brand new and unique results.

Played on a definitely modern style, with the search for new concepts, eclettica has the ambition to act as a borderline collection, without interfering with the classic style that is linked to all the rest of the production. An abstract language that foresees new trends played on contrasts and weaves of different materials. Intriguing and fascinating modernity goes together with any environment with a strong communicative, breaking with the traditional furniture schemes.

The ottocento collection is rich and wide-ranging, including timeless Maria Teresa models, Impero style creations, impressive crystals chains, solid brass lamps and appliqués, traditional Venetian glass, magnificent Bohemian crystal chandeliers. Each model shown in the catalog is a unique handmade creation, and can be customized to suit individual requirements regarding size, materials and colors.