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Maskam Water provides its customers with turn-key solutions, by importing a wide range of water related products from the USA and Europe. Maskam Water Dealers in each country are trained to sell these products, design systems to their customer’s needs and provide the necessary backup service.

Some of the products that people can get from the company include:

·         Sump pumps used for pumping sewage, dewatering, and drainage from household to industries.

·         Borehole pumps,

·         Solar surface pumps – for domestic use or maybe very small farmer.

·         Engineered pumps built for the customers’ industrial application needs.

·         Sewage treatment off the grid;

·         Swimming pool water treatment without chlorine – no chemicals, no pollution, reuses your backwash water perfect for the green building industry.

·         Potable water treatments.

·         Air purifiers for people with hay fever/ sinusitis. This can also be used to boost productivity in the office.

·         Pump control systems – including Variable Speed Drives.

At Maskam Water one of the priorities is to assist customers in “going green” without sacrificing their comfort.With this in mind the company was the first company to bring the following products to Africa: Clarus Fusion sewage treatment plant, solar surface pumps, Zoeller Qwik Jon, Floating Fountain pumps and Flushing Siphons.

Maskam since added the Blue Lagoon range for treating pool water in an eco-friendly manner, bio filters for the pond and koi industries and the Aetaire – to clean the air that we breathe and reduce the need for medication.

Dealers in the company products are found in various parts of Africa.  Details of the Maskam Water Dealers are available at

According to Gerhard Cronje  from Maskam water, the company  understands that the market in Africa is different to the market in the USA, Europe or other parts of the world. It  therefore sources products that can operate specifically in these conditions.  That includes robustness, low maintenance and excellent quality.

Maskam Water
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