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The MATTEX GROUP, whose presence in the region dates back to 1996, comprises of Mattex Fabrics, Green Vision and the latest member of the group: MattexGeosynthetics.  With production facilities in Dubai -UAE, Al Jubail and Jeddah – Saudi Arabia and Georgia- USA is Mattex globally present with the newest and most efficient production of technical textiles.

Besides the woven geotextiles is the group also producing artificial grass, high tenacity polypropylene fibres and Non-woven Geotextiles.  With a yearly production capacity of over 550 million sqm / year is Mattex one of the biggest and fastest growing technical textiles manufacturers in the world.

MATTEX GEOSYNTHETICS (°2011) is vertically integrated and extrudes its own polypropylene high-tenacity fibers for its production of Needle Punched and Thermally BondedGeoMatt non-woven Geotextiles.

MattexGeosynthetics is the sole manufacturer in the Middle East who specializes in woven and non-woven geotextiles. Mattex produces a wide range of high performance polypropylene non-woven needle-punched and thermally-bonded polypropylene geotextiles in widths of up to 600 cm. This also allows optimum loading in 40 HC containers. Geared to serve the market with the wide range wovens and non-wovens is Mattex able to offer the best solution to its clients in different applications of the construction industry.
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Mattex supplies to the most prestigious road and railway applications, membrane protection (e.g.mining and landfills), drainage applications, roofing market and shore protection. The significant savings that clients can realize by using the Mattex geotextiles results in a fast growth of the presence in different parts of the world.

The strategically located production facility in Al Jubail-Saudi Arabia and Dubai – UAE is Mattexin close cooperation with the world’s best producers of raw materials. All raw material suppliers are located within a few miles of the production unit. This allows a super-efficient and cost effective production of itsfibres and tapes which are used for the manufacturing of its GeoMattnon-woven and TerraMattwoven geotextiles.

Mattex produces today one of the strongest geotextiles / unit weight in the market. With a lighter weight can a better mechanical and hydraulic characteristic is guaranteed. This makes it more cost effective, easier to install, cheaper in transport and better for the environment.

The production facility is close to the port and allows a quick and cost efficient transport by sea to any port in Africa.

Director of Sales, Marketing and Business development, Mr. Philippe Grimmelprez advices buyers to always check on the performance of the geotextiles before buying. “The weight is in most cases is irrelevant and a stronger, better performing geotextiles can give significant savings to the client, contractor, authority.  The wider a geotextiles the less overlap one has and the faster one can build,” he says.

Mattex is considered today as one of the most efficient and fastest growing manufactures of technical textiles in the world. They realized sales today in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia and Tanzania and plan to increase their presence in the African continent. Partners in the different countries are being sought to help grow the business.


Mr. Philippe Grimmelprez

Director Sales, Marketing and Business development

MattexGeosynthetics – Al Jubail – Saudi Arabia

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