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MAXA: Innovative player in the HVAC scene

MAXA is an Italian firm establish in 1992  and it is one of the most innovative player in the HVAC scene. The company, headquartered at Arcole in the province of the famous historical city of Verona, owns  92,000 m² of industrial property where products are designed and manufactured and it has a complete range of high quality products distributed nowadays in more than 45 countries worldwide.

Maxa above all, is professionally committed to the continuous research and introduction of machines designed to satisfy the most varied needs. The products are applicable in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Industrial range

MAXA offers on this range a wide variety of solutions designed for Hotels, Office buildings, Hospitals, Factories and Oil&Gas sector. Its range of air cooled /water cooled chillers and Roof-top packages meet the highest sector performances criteria and they can be equipped with an incredibly extended array of accessories for any needs of the market.

MAXA: Innovative player in the HVAC scene
Inverter air to water heat pumps  

One of the company missions is the full respect of the environment  and Maxa distinguishes itself for having aimed since its foundation to reach the best efficiency rates . Its choice of Eurovent certified inverter heat pumps for air conditioning, heating and sanitary water production is a clear evidence that the target is reached and these products allow dozens of thousands of people every day to have a perfectly comfortable environment and save money on the electricity bills. 

MAXA: Innovative player in the HVAC scene
Fan coil units

MAXA provides compact and powerful Fan Coil Units of all shapes and dimensions for bringing comfort conditions in all the environments. 

MAXA: Innovative player in the HVAC scene


“Always a step ahead” could easily be the motto of Maxa that offer for its Variable Refrigeran Flow (VRF) system outdoor units with DC compressors and a new series of indoor units with DC fan motors and constant level of indoor air temperature.

MAXA: Innovative player in the HVAC scene
Air conditioners, residential and commercial

Several model of air conditioners, mono and multi also supplied with the new ecological refrigerants, can operate in cooling or heating all year round due to the high efficiency compressors.

MAXA: Innovative player in the HVAC scene

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