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MEC CAD, based in Italy is a software house specialized in the production of software for CAD, which targets industrial and construction enterprises, design studios and entertainment companies. They develop professional solutions for scaffolding and formwork design for the construction industry.

One of their products called FOR CAD© is a software plug-in for AutoCad or BricsCad specifically developed to manage and design formworks installation for walls, pillars and concrete floors. The software handles all necessary documentation for an order, from the quotation to the construction site planning. It works in a CAD environment integrating indifferently to the 2D or the 3D mode and it solves the use of formworks by creating technical drawings, item list with weights and volumes, by totals and by working phase.

FOR CAD is an important support tool for the formwork design (it adds 200 commands to the CAD), but it doesn’t limit the designer’s creativity: in every moment, the designer can intervene to modify or integrate the proposed scheme to obtain the best solution, allowing for maximum flexibility and quality.

It represents a complete reporting instrument, providing overall and cross-section technical drawings, assembly drawings and accurate bills of materials per work phase, integration with structural verification plans and integration with stock management and construction site planning software.

Moreover, the program is suitable for every product brand thanks to a customization service.
This means that there is quick design and management, no limits to project complexity, optimization of equipment life cycle, maximum productivity, and information sharing among departments.

The products of Mec Cad are used by different global customers to design their scaffolding and formworks projects. They are mostly present in Egypt, Tunisia, Congo, South Africa and Ethiopia.
MEC CAD gives the right dimension to your scaffolding and formworks projects.


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