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Merisolar is a professional manufacturer and international supplier of Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps, Solar PV and Water Purifier. The company potions itself to provide you, their valued customer, with a complete solution for your commercial business or residence, all while eliminating pollution and contributing to a healthy life.

The company insists on providing quality service and products; this not only drastically reduces production cost and the after-sales cost for customers, but also generates more profit for customers and improves product lifetime. Merisolar supplies only the best and most efficient water systems and solar panels for their valued customers. They offer ten years warranty and more than 25 years lifetime warranty on their products.

Solar Water Heater

The company manufactures and supplies various solar water heater such us Non-pressurized Solar System, Heat Pipe Solar Collector, Pressurized Water Tank, split system to name but a few.

Pressurized Water Tank

The pressure tank is another important part of the split pressurized system. As it is an entirely separate tank, it can be placed anywhere in the house. The tank can be made with one or two copper coils inside, or without copper coils inside, depending on your needs. Without copper coils, the tank is used as an open loop system and people use water directly from the reservoir. For tanks containing copper coils inside, the coils are usable as heat exchangers, which is better for the lifespan of the tank. Using the heat exchanger, the tank can be connected with existing gas, floor heating or electrically supplemented systems. For every different usage, there’s a connection solution available.

Non-pressurized Solar System

This is an open-loop thermosyphon solar water heater. Water circulates directly through the tank and the collector tubes simultaneously, speeding up the heating process. This system is stable and gives very reliable performance. The open-loop thermosyphon design is also the most economical and the simplest of all our solar water heating systems, making it popular in hot areas.

Merisolar Heat Pump

Heat pump technology is one of the most cutting edge when it comes to renewable energy water heating products. Though it has been used throughout the world for decades to heat water, the systems have been too expensive for most consumers. Fortunately, the recent increase in international demand has brought the component costs down substantially, making heat pumps extremely affordable for residential and commercial users. Using the refrigeration cycle to extract energy from the surrounding air (indirectly using solar energy), it can provide you with 60°C hot water day or night, winter or summer, at a quarter of the cost of the typical electrical element geyser heating. Company manufacturers several heat pumps like: Swimming Pool Heat Pump S, House Heating H, Dehumidifiers C and Hot Water Supply E.

Hot Water Supply E

Merisolar Air to Water Heat Pumps (E) see extensive popularity in the global market. With exceptional performance, super high energy efficiency, and professional service, these units can provide efficient heating for your house and your family.

Global presence

Merisolar products have been exported to more than 89 countries and regions including Germany, England, Australia, USA, South Africa, Bulgaria, Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, India and Malaysia.