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METALIKA is family owned company, founded in 1973. Main products are concrete block and paving stone making machines, rebar straightening and bending machines, concrete mixers and other construction equipment.

Besides their standard products, they have production capacity for other products on request. New products can be designed in their planning office or produced under your technical documentation or license.

Their products are delivered to Africa, Balkan, Russia, and Poland and in past five years, Switzerland market.

Main groups of Metalika’s production range are:

· Movable block machines-egg layer (can produce only hollow blocks for building)

· Stationary block machines-pallet layer (universal machines – can produce hollow blocks, paving stones, curbstones…)

· Concrete mixers and mixing plants

· Re-bar processing machines

According to METALIKA’s Commercial Director Ivan Vuckovic their products are available in Africa and being used in Libya, Algeria, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Tanzania, Ghana,  Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia, Eritrea  and Ethiopia.

Ivan Vuckovic
[email protected]