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MEVAS is one of the few independent companies outside of the main plant and construction machinery manufacturers and distributors that can offer a full machine inspection service, utilizing a team of fully experienced and well respected plant inspectors.
Regardless of whether our customer requests a single machine inspection or the inspection of a whole fleet, we are able to handle it. For example we inspected a 29 large unit mining fleet, including estimations of repair costs and also evaluated the qualifications of the Mine-workshop for the potential buyer. The whole job was accomplished within six working days.
Depending on the solution required, MEVAS is able to do a full technical inspection of assets or verification if the machine or equipment is as supposed to be. If the requirement is just a technical condition report or even the valuation of equipment, we have the capability to do it.
Let our team of equipment inspectors reduce risks and save you time and money. These reports give all the information needed to make informed decisions and to help minimize risk. In today’s construction, plant and machinery market, there are so many variables which decide the value of a particular unit – some machines may even be unique.
Unlike cars, where the make, model, age and mileage often decide the final value, there are so many additional factors to be taken into account with construction and mining equipment. Site and material conditions, types of usage, undercarriage component and tire wear, bodywork condition, major mechanical component condition, paintwork, machine hours and all of the small intricate details of a machine’s specification as well as manufacturer’s changes, improvements and upgrades – all these items are high cost.
Why can you rely on MEVAS? First of all, we do nothing else other than inspect heavy equipment. Secondly but just as important to our clients, is our independence from any organizations that buy or sell equipment. Being totally independent ensures that our clients get a totally unbiased appraisal of a Machines condition. All information regarding the equipment, location, supplier and condition will only be shared with yourselves.

A click on references will show you a list with companies around the World who regularly put their trust in MEVAS to carry out appraisals on their behalf.

Our core business is inspecting earthmoving machines but we also have engineers that specialized in crane inspections for our international customers. Over 800 inspections are now an average years’ work for MEVAS. For many years we have been renowned for high quality construction Machine inspections.