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MHWirth is a leading global provider of first-class drilling solutions and services designed to offer their valued clients with the safer, more efficient and reliable alternative. The company’s vision is centered on an unparalleled commitment to quality and yielding economic advantages for their customers and stakeholders.

Since 1895, MHWirth has been a leading supplier of civil construction products for large scale projects. Their pile top drill rigs are the efficient solution for up to 500 m deep and 8.0 m large diameter drilling in various geological formations, both onshore and offshore. Their customers benefit from excellent total cost of ownership with unmatched availability, low spare-part consumption rate and maintenance costs.

MHWirth has a global span covering five continents with offices in 12 countries. Their dedicated professionals consistently strive to enhance customer satisfaction and form meaningful collaborations by creating a personalized experience.

Experts at your disposal

MHWirth is your first choice for reliable pile top systems for onshore and offshore applications. Cost efficiency and outstanding performance are the key factors that make them stand out from the competition. Their experienced specialists provide comprehensive advice on selecting the correct equipment for the individual site conditions – from the tender phase all the way through to project execution.

The company has teams who experts provide comprehensive advice, right from the pre-engineering and tender phases. This includes giving an indication of expected rates of penetration along with advice on the selection of supporting equipment. MHWirth’s drilling experts are available for commissioning and for training personnel.

Products and Areas of Application

Their pile top drill rigs (PBA) provide the most efficient solution for foundations in mixed and hard formations. A full scale of rigs cover all diameters from 0.6 to 8.0 m and can also be used to drill inclined piles. They have been successfully deployed in various projects, both onshore and offshore.

Their PBA with the high torque power swivel is the ideal machine for drilling in mixed ground, boulders and hard rock. The PBAs have an excellent power/weight ratio. Maximum drilling performance is guaranteed, even under the toughest conditions, along with easy and fast equipment handling.

Hydraulic Power Packs

The company provide a full range of hydraulic power packs (HPU) from 162 kW (220 hp) to 470 kW (639 hp). All HPUs consist of leading edge technology and are optionally available as multipurpose units allowing to also drive auxiliary equipment.

Drill String

Their pile top drill rigs can be applied in a wide field of applications for which they can supply the necessary drill string components. The modular design of their drill string makes it suitable for any depth and diameter. All components are built for long life and rough use.

Highest Efficiency with Reverse Circulation Drilling

MHWirth is the world market leader in reverse circulation drilling (RCD). This method sets the standards for cost effectiveness and versatility.

The RCD method, also referred to as airlift drilling, is well-established as a robust and straightforward means of operation, which is highly effective for large diameters and great depths, both in onshore and offshore applications. Principle of operation: Compressed air is injected into the drill pipe below water level and just above the cutting head. As the air rises and expands within the drill pipe, the density in the internal liquid column is greatly reduced, leading to a difference in pressure between the liquid in the drill hole outside and the liquid inside the drill pipe.

Due to the higher density in the outer column, the solids pass from the drill hole through the cutting head suction opening, and rise up through the drill pipe. Provided that the correct air/liquid flow is established within the drill pipe, solids will be transported to the surface according to the airlift principle. The differential pressure and thus the conveying capacity depend on the rate and volume of the compressed air injected, the depth of injection and the delivery head.

More than 350 pile top drill rigs by MHWirth have proven to be outstandingly reliable and efficient in numerous projects around the world.