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Milestone Kitchens manufacture freestanding units in 4 different ranges. Milestone kitchens are cost effective, because the units do not have to be professionally fitted and there are no consultation fees involved, says Silvia Miles, CEO of Milestone Kitchens.

Milestone products are available in many African countries and are sold directly to customers in order to keep costs as low as possible. To have various show rooms around the country increase the cost of running Milestone Kitchens and ultimately the price that you, the consumer, would pay. Free standing Kitchen is the sole option for walls that are not strong enough to withstand the pressure of a fitted kitchen and those which are not perfectly straight, adds Miles.

The type of units is for people who do not want to be restricted to one look, and be compelled to endure it for many years. The units are not stuck to the wall, so it is easy to access behind and beneath the units if you need to clean. The grocery cupboard may be modified for use as a linen or bedroom cupboard; the Cutlery Server as a server in the dining room; the Spice Rack as a bathroom cabinet. You can buy one piece at a time and build on when your budget allows you, and may choose any tops you like; they don’t have to be all the same. One doesn’t really need meters and meters of a continuous granite surface to prepare a meal, explains Miles


Silvia Miles

Position: CEO

Cell: +27 76 949 5745

Email: [email protected]