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Minacciolo are the historic Italian furniture company. Mina combines the highest expressions of tradition and technology in a new-concept multifunctional island. The essence and details of its form draw on the purest archetype and have strong proto-industrial connotations, a kitchen that becomes a “forge”, where fire is not just a cooking medium but a creative force. With island or wall-mounted layout, without limits on its size or modularity, Minà can be installed in rooms of all kinds: from the open space of a loft to the small city apartment.

Although its form and details remain unchanged, Minà is available in two variants to cover all requirements: the Home version, conceived mainly for domestic use, and the Professional version, the top of the range, ideal even for the greatest chefs.

Many touches combine to shape this new collection’s sophisticated design identity. Key amongst them are the unmistakable red knobs, which resemble the shape of the valves used on antique boilers but are now used to light and regulate ovens, hobs and latest- generation taps.

Meticulously chosen and sourced, the materials used for the Minà worktops are original, innovative and exclusive. Their exquisite finishes are provided by the skilled hands of local craftsmen, who return to tradition to create state-of-the-art worktops that are the last word in modernity.

“No home is too large or too small for Minà”. In this motto, Minacciolo underlines its commitment to enabling Minà to fit into homes of all kinds. This is the thinking behind the Home version, intended for everyday use in the domestic context. Minà Home comes in a series of new, original variants, where colour and compositional versatility bring value-added to its already unmistakable style.

Minacciolo has ongoing projects work in African countries like Nigeria and Kenya.



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