Mobisol has installed 50,000 solar systems in East Africa

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Mobisol, a Berlin-based company has installed 50,000 solar systems in East Africa. It covers  rural homes and businesses. The company is one of the leading providers of smart rent-to-own solar solutions. The connection has benefited over 250,000 off-grid energy users.

Solar systems in East Africa are emerging to be a very important source of energy in the region.

According to Mobisol founder and Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Gottschalk, clean, reliable and affordable energy empowers the entire to live up to their potential as well as improving the daily economic well-being and at the same time improving quality of life. Additionally, home lighting customers have the option to power their small energy-based businesses using their solar systems.

Using reliable solar power, living standards for the rural families are lifted up especially those who are not connected to the grid. Besides, 150,000 children can now do their homework at night Using Mobisol solar energy without inhaling the noxious fumes of kerosene lamps.

Making the energy solution affordable for low-income customers, users get to pay for the solar systems in small installments for over 3 years.

“Stand-alone solar systems that cover 100 of the electricity needs of customers are the future of energy provision for emerging nations,” said Thomas Duveau, firm’s head of business development. “This is because they are logistically easy to implement, affordable and more reliable than the grid,” he added.

Using Mobisol system, over 15,000 small businesses generate additional household income of about US$5.5m per annum. Mobisol system have also helped in creating more than 800 new green jobs offering a comprehensive technical education for the firm’s employees.

Mobisol is grateful to the most enthusiastic, highly innovative and fully dedicated teams in Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, China and Germany…together with friends & supporters around the world most especially those who have played an important part in bringing the energy revolution to the Eastern part of Africa.

Mobisol combines solar energy with an affordable payment plan via innovative remote monitoring technology and comprehensive customer service as well as through the mobile phone. The company offers low-income customers in developing nations quality solar home systems that are a clean alternative to and expensive fossil fuels, unhealthy and environmentally harmful.