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Moldtech provides innovative solutions to any kind of need in the area of moulds for the prefabricated concrete industry ranging from a custom designed mould to the installation of fully equipped plants on turn-key basis. The company is equipped with the technology needed to provide machinery and total installations to the prefabricated concrete industry.

Moldtech offers their clients any range of service starting from preliminary mould design to comprehensive turnkey projects for precast, precast manufacturing plants including commissioning and personnel training:

Due to their constant evolution, the company is a trusted provider based on its experience, specialization, technological solutions and turn-key services. Emphasizing on this Belén López, Marketing Representative explains, “We design and manufacture moulds and equipment for the production of precast concrete elements, by means of which infrastructures, homes and industrial or commercial buildings are built.We design, develop and install integral production systems, adapted to the needs of the client, which respect the highest European standards of quality, production and safety. This experience give them a unique insight into the functioning of the different brands of machinery available in this area; their pros and cons, their virtues and defects seen from the point of view of the end-user.

The company has its own design department where their engineers create new products or adapt existing designs to the specific needs of their clients. As a medium sized company they have the ability to be flexible with short and efficient communication channels to their clients. “Precast and industrialization systems are advancing around the planet by leaps and bounds, due to the innumerable advantages they offer, such as high quality finishes, traceability, reduction of construction execution times, reduction of  the labour accident risk, improving the qualification of workers in the sector, protection against fire, thermal insulation and reduction of energy consumption, and many other advantages. Precast is the green new deal in the construction industry” López adds.

The company has teams of engineers that are well prepared for their tasks and will ensure all equipment work in accordance to its expected performance. The robust design of their equipment combined with proven technology, guarantees low maintenance costs and a minimum of working hours lost due to production interruptions.

Moldtech offer their clients a full service approach which starts at the design stage and also covers aspects like on-site installation, test production and after-sales service. The company manufacture several products such as complete systems for industrial prefabricated concrete manufacturing. Tilt tables and stationary casting beds for concrete panels. Panel washing machines. Hydraulic moulds for concrete columns. Universal prestressing benches. Different types of moulds for concrete structures. Moulds for public Works. Facility for railway networking. Half-frames. Moulds for grave markers. Cell moulds (detention centres). Moulds for underground containers. Accessories and complementary tools. To this end, we have a facility covering more than 4000m dedicated to the design and production of machinery for making industrial prefabricated concrete.

After exponential growth on the national market, the company started expanding its business overseas, first to South America and Europe and later on to Africa and Asia. Meanwhile the company also has reinforced its R&D department in order to meet the challenges posed by clients looking for innovative solutions, for instance, in the area of three dimensional moulds.

At Moldtech, in cooperation with partners, they can provide you a global solution which include: engineering services; consulting and supervision services; sourcing of machinery and installation; automation and control; start-up; training; and quality control.