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Morris Site Machinery is a leading UK supplier of site power equipment delivering high quality machines including powerand welder generators, lighting towers, pumps and pressure washers to numerous industries including petrochemical, utilities, rail, oil, construction and events.

The company brings some of the world’s best machines to its customers’ businesses as complete, robust and reliable solutions that they can trust to meet their goals, supported by a passionate team with extensive knowledge and a dedication to customer service.

Available from Morris Site Machinery, industry renowned Denyo generators are best known for their quality, super silent operationand incredible reliability. They are built with the latest technology to provide low fuel consumption and between 11-26 hours of continuous operation. They are highly efficient, offering ultimate performance, and are available from 20kVA to 150kVA with safety features such as an emergency stop button, auto engine shutdown and earth leakage breaker fitted as standard.

Its leading range of generator powered SMC lighting towers is well suited to African markets. Morris Site Machinery’s new solar tower light, the SMC Solar-2, offers 100% fuel saving and importantly emits zero noise and zero Co2. It requires virtually no maintenance, making it the ultimate solution for hirers and users in Africa looking for environmentally friendly, cost effective and low maintenance equipment.

Ideal for projects requiring remote and self-sufficient lighting, the product has recently surpassed 300 hours of use without any external charge. The performance trial was conducted in the UK meaning it would achieve an even longer run time on a continent with lots of sunshine.

Another tower light, the SMC TL-90 LED, has five powerful 240W lamps, offers 360° light coverage and has a running time of 133 hours. Additionally, it features a fuel efficient solution by allowing three machines to be linked together running from one engine offering up to 400 hours running time.
Many of the company’s machinery products are currently supplied into Nigeria, Ghana, Congo and Gabon.

Nick Avill, International Sales Director of Morris Site Machinery said: “Potential buyers on the lookout for site machinery should consider overall cost and value, durability and efficiency and look to products which require as little maintenance as possible.
“Core growth markets such as Mining and Oil & Gas require reliable and high quality products that meet stringent demands for safety and security.”

Morris Site Machinery
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