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MP Lifts is a leading European manufacturer of customized lifts. The company produces tailor-made solutions, codesigning with architect, consultants and customers. Their wide range of products covers from the small Homelift up to 10 Tonnes cargo lifts. Their products are 100% made in Spain, with the most advanced technology and the state-of-the-art design. MP Lifts’ high European quality is accompanied by a close and efficient service.

The MP Lifts are environmentally friendly, easy to install and to maintain, maximum comfort and equipped with open technologies, all Connected, which opens a world of possibilities for the owner and for the user. These features allowed them to install their products in the most important and demanding world projects, like the Nato headquarter in Brussels, Belgium, the Iter (Thermonuclear fusion reactor) project in Cadarache, France, among others.

They build unique and different relationships with customers through elevation solutions. Through proximity and integrity, the company helps improve the quality of life and well-being of people, by providing them with the innovative, excellent and safe services they need on a daily basis. They remove barriers and meet your mobility needs in buildings.

Hicham Chamseddine, SEAME (Southern Europe, Africa and the Middle East) Manager speaking on African market he states that, “Africa is and has been a very important market for MP LIFTS since the early beginning of our internationalization process, more than 25 years ago.

We started exporting to Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, in the nineties, we gradually expanded our brand to many other African countries. Egypt, Senegal, Cameroon, as a first step, followed by Nigeria, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Gabon, Liberia , Kenya, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Benin, Equatorial Guinea, Congo and Sudan . Consolidation and growth of African markets is in our DNA. We consider Africa as one of the most interesting markets for MP Lifts, because of its strong potential, geographical position and capabilities”.

MP Lifts works mainly through Authorized Distributors, who are representing them in all the countries mentioned above. Their values, closeness, integrity, safety, innovation and excellence, is their way of doing business.

Chamseddine concludes as he emphasize that, “Our advice to the African customers is to find a reliable and dependable supplier that would give them not only a product, but a comprehensive optimized solution to their needs. This is what MP Lifts offer. Your choice for the lift company should not be based only on the product itself, but on who is installing it, who is taking care of it, your personal relation with the lift contractor, the service and reputation, all these points matter, when doing business, you need to make sure you are happy doing it.

Trust in a company that trusts in you. More than 25 years working in Africa with Africans. We never quit”.