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NanoMaterials Ltd (Apnano), a cleantech company operating in the field of Nanotechnology, was established in 2002 and after its acquisition in 2013 became a part of the leading American “Nanotech Industrial Solutions, Inc.” NIS Corp.

A pioneer of inorganic, multi-layered fullerenes, NanoMaterials was the first company to succeed in the commercial production of inorganic, multi-layered nanofullerenes and nanotubes, based on exclusively patented platform technology developed at the Weizmann Institute of Science.

NanoMaterials flagship product is the award winning NanoLub® IF product range of Extreme Pressure (EP) Anti-Wear (AW) and Anti-Friction (AF) lubrication additives and coatings, based on its proprietary tungsten disulfide (WS2) nano particles.

These multi-layered particles are extremely thermal- and pressure- resistant. Additionally, their outer layers exfoliate under extreme pressure, bonding with working surfaces to fill in wear crevices and to create a continuous super lubricating coating layer.

The company’s technology platform can produce extremely uniform and highly symmetrical spherical structures, composed of 20-100 concentric layers of inorganic compounds. The diameter of the primary particle can range between 300 and 70 nm.

The Company’s R&D department is involved in extensive research and testing for additional WS2 based applications in the field of lubricants, coatings and polymer composites for such industries as construction, power generation, mining, metalworking, the automotive industry, space and defense.

According to Nano Materials Ltd’s marketing & business development manager Dmitri Meikler, NanoLub® IF is already available in the African Market and mainly South Africa.

NanoMaterials are looking to strengthen its position in the African market by cooperating with local distributors in the continent and will be happy to explore this option with well-established companies that can successfully market its product.

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