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NEULANDT GmbH – Portable Precast Plant

NEULANDT GmbH was founded in 2018.

They are part of the family owned business Umdasch Group AG which has been in operation for over 150 years.

NEULANDT GmbH specialize (BE) in the production of Portable Precast Plants.

Their first plant is known as NEULANDT 3P (N3P).

The NEULANDT 3P is a mobile field factory for the production of precast segments for the construction sector. That is:

  • Residential (e.g.: affordable housing)
  • Commercial (e.g.: offices)
  • Infrastructure (e.g.: noise protection walls)

3P stands for Portable Precast Plant and is designed to be set up directly at the desired project location.

NEULANDT 3P is, due to the industrial process, the ideal solution for highly standardized project as found in e.g.: affordable housing.

The annual output per factory can reach more than 300,000m² (depending on the implemented shift model and working days) prefabricated segments which results e.g. in more than 1,000 houses with 45m² net living area.


The factory and its integrated infrastructure (e.g. crane) are transported to the site in approximately 40 ordinary 40ft sea containers.

After a short assembly time of about four weeks, the production is ready to get started.

Transports are significantly reduced through on-site production.

This results in time and cost savings as well as quick reaction times and high process quality due to central coordination of all supply chain and production processes.

The factory is operated by a local workforce.

The regional value creation is increased through local production and procurement as well as growth of the whole industry value chain.

Final Results

High quality finished precast segments with consistent quality through a weather-independent production process.

The finalization of the body-shell is significantly more efficient and cost-effective than stationary plants due to the high surface quality of the finished parts on both sides.

The connection technology for precast segments can be freely chosen according to local standards and guidelines.



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