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Normet strives to provide their customers with complete underground construction and mining technical solutions that create maximum value, through saving costs and shortening the process cycle time in a way that also improves safety, and reduces uncertainty. From production all the way through to application, their solutions are fundamentally developed on the welfare of people and on the care of the environment.

To do this, Normet encourages a strong partnership with their customers from the beginning to understand their issues, and then evaluate how to attain the highest benefit for them. Their approach is centered on packaging technical solutions comprising a range of tough underground construction equipment, high performance construction chemicals, and delivering it through the most competent and attentive technical support team in the business.

Normet is a Finnish based company that operates on a global basis with over 37 locations in 24 countries worldwide. This spread allows them to respond rapidly and reliably to all of their clients technical needs, whenever and wherever in the world they may be.

The range of Normet construction chemical solutions they offer are focused entirely on underground construction and mining. Their solutions are appropriate from the beginning of projects, such as with ground treatment of fissured rock or soils, construction of deep box structures, through to tunnel or mine support with sprayed concrete or TBM driven tunnels, to finally maintaining and extending the service life of underground structures.

Among their construction chemicals is TamSeal 800 which is a high performance, single component VacE polymer, flexible waterproofing membrane. In large applications, TamSeal 800 can be spray applied using a dry rotor machine by hand or robotic spraying. For smaller applications it can be applied by brush. TamSeal 800 provides a tough, durable, seamless, waterproofing membrane for many structures including tunnels, shafts, deep boxes and caverns

Gary Clench
Managing Director
Normet Africa (Pty) Ltd
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