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This is a Spanish factory located near Valencia that has ben manufacturing decorative lightings for more than 20 years. They recently combined their professional lighting long experience team with a fresh mind management and the result led to the creation of ole! , a new design collection that is succeeding in the contract market with easy-to-propose lighting solutions

Ole! is popular among interior designers of residential and public areas projects. Three basic ideas make their products successful; Minimalism; latest technologies with energy saving concept and; easily adaptable to public areas projects.

Their official dealers are combining their designs with the top brand names worldwide, with the guarantee of quality and technical efficiency of their production, “PLUS” competitive costing of their flexible production premises.

Their most successful models in projects are the stretch fabric designs. The fabric is made in Spain purposely for their lighting factory. It is a slim fit stretch fabric, washable as per label indications, and suitable for public areas. They have got the “Glow wire” test required to meet Fire Hazard conditions in most demanding countries by architects for public areas.

In case of accidental fire, the fabric “shrinks” and consequently the fire vanishes with the fabric. The fabric models allow never-ending combinations on ceilings, walls or sloping areas. It makes possible for each designer to add their own creation and imagination ideas for each space, adapting their models and playing with shapes and the space.

Sebastian Cebrian the Export manager says that they have their own in-house designers who make their products unique for any dealer in any market at a very reasonable cost.



Sebastian Cebrian

[email protected]