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Olimpia 80 S.r.l.-Carbon steel and Stainless-steel tubes mill solution provider

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Olimpia 80 S.r.l. is an Italian family company that was founded in 1980 and which is specialized in the designing, planning, development, and manufacture of TUBE MILLS for high-quality carbon steel and stainless-steel tubes.

The company is able to manufacture custom-made equipment that conforms to the European quality standards for its customers.  The products are defined by high technology, high quality, user-friendliness, substantial reductions in manufacturing costs and times, and the highest productivity, thanks to the company’s involvement even in the actual carbon steel and stainless-steel tubes manufacturing which has enabled it to gain direct and complete knowledge of the tube manufacturing industry and all the related problems.

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As of now,  Olimpia 80 can design, plan and implement both single plants and complete lines, suitable for any TIG, laser, and high-frequency welding, as well as offer suggestions to upgrade old systems, and provide a complete after-sales technical and personnel training service.


The company is committed to the continuous improvement of technology and the performance of its solutions which are sold worldwide through local agents and direct company-customer contact. Some of the countries where the company’s products have been installed include Ethiopia, Kenya, Angola, Tanzania, Ghana, etc.

“Our products are not cheap, but the price is only a part of the complete investment. We suggest that customers consider the entire investment plan, including the reliability and durability of the goods” advises Cesare Vernocchi, Olimpia 80 S.r.l. Area Sales Manager.

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